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Our caravan is dedicated to honoring the higher power that gave us the gift of muse.  It is not important to us to win praise from other dancers or families or win trophies at some contest.  What matters to us is that we are true to our art and culture!

e pride ourselves in knowledge of all traditional songs of each sect and culture that makes up the Middle East. We put shows together using the favorites of the people we are sharing our gift with, as well as acknowledging modern artists who stay within the guidelines of an ancient spirit. 

Zamora's family is made of male and female
Performers/Dancers/Drummers. The shows are composed of several elements:
Zills - All of our dancers are highly skilled at playing zills (4 hand cymbals ) and include them in all shows.
Veil  - All dancers are well schooled in the use of 6 veil wraps used in the traditional cabaret dance, and are skilled in the use of them.
Candles/Fire - We use candles are fuel fed fire.  Fans , fire belt, swords, hand/finger wicks, baton, staff.  Fire eating/blowing, poi, torch are some of the fire props used.  *WE PROVIDE PROPER FIRE/LABIALITY INSURANCE I MILLION EACH OCCURRENCE.  policy can be posted in clients name.
Egyptian Cane - With proper saidi music
Egyptian Zeffa with Shamadon
Sword - All swords are real with blade, not a blunt "dancers sword". it is danced/balanced on the head, hips, chest, shoulder. on the floor the sword is rolled on the stomach, and our famous "head pop".."

Many of our dancers enjoy a repeat cliental
If you have a favorite dancer you have enjoyed in the past, we honor your request to the best of our ability. If your choice is already booked, we will make sure you get a comparable dancer.  As always, please look at the dancers labeled for the type of job you have. We understand certain personalities fit with certain venues/formats, guests.

  ZAMORA'S   provides solo and/or group performances to accommodate a wide range of events:  
        *  WEDDINGS...all cultures of the Mid East and hye.            
        *  BIRTHDAYS...from a little girl's dress up party, to Super Sweet Sixteen's, to Dad's special day            
        *  BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTIES...within our guidelines            
        *  BRIS            
        *  CHRISTENING            
        *  ISLAMIC OCCASIONS...our dancers are properly covered            
        * and bridal            
        *  ENGAGEMENT PARTIES            
        *  RETIREMENTS            
        *  GRADUATIONS            
        *  THEME PARTIES/DINNERS            
        * RED HAT LADIES...All of our   dancers are professional and well schooled.            
        * WINGS OF ISIS            
          Each dancer must meet required studio/coach hours to maintain their   status. All dancers are versed in all cultures of the Middle East, Hye, Lebanese.
All music used is traditional including pop (rai, shaa'bi ).

 Please call or email for questions or to schedule a performance for your event at:
 559-255-1761, email:


Prices start at $150.00. Please call or e mail our office for a quote on your event.

Family Performances
Family pricing depends on length of booking, number of dancers, if taped music or live ethnic presentation is desired. The cost is also affected by use of prop acts (sword, cane, candles, etc.) and if there is mileage involved. E-mail for more information.

 In addition to Dancing at events we also provide for Referral the following services:

     - Palm Reading
         - Tarot Card Reading
              - Henna Art
                   - Face Painting
                        - Full Fire Show


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M e m b e r s   o f    t h e    F a m i l y

Dancers Available for Referral
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