Wild Blue Yonder
Circa: 1970s - 1980s


"The Wild Blue Yonder was, and to some still is, the premiere place for
live entertainment in the 70s & 80s.it is very prophetic that the building
that housed all this wonderful music is next door to the Brix in the tower,
where Cory &and mirage performed until 2002.......as they did then."

Cory With Joe Sahakian on Clarinet - September 1975

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Cory With Ara and Sahag Kasnakjian

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Sally Ann Elgin

June 3rd, 1980
Now in New Mexico
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Sally Ann Elgin & Cory Zamora

 Family Show - June 30th, 1980
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Nancy Aubrey & Ann

Madera & Cairo
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Nancy, Heather, Viola & Gary

Family Show, 1980
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