About Christina

The first time I heard an Arab rhythm was in 1998, I then became very interested in learning about the dance. It was not until the Summer of 1999 that I signed up for my first belly dance class, with Ruth a dance instructor at Bellydancing by Zamora. Due to working and going to school, I was unable to accommodate taking more dance classes until (about) 2001 with Annette Federico at Fresno Adult, who was also a student of Cory Zamora. I was under the teachings of Annette for several years, until about 2003 (I think maybe 2004), where I learned how to dance with zills, and a veil, all while she encouraged the art of balancing and floor work dancing. At this time, the commitment of a 2 year school program pulled me away from further instruction. However, the appreciation for Middle Eastern music and dance remained, and I continuously practiced what I had learned.

Close friends and friends of family have enriched my exposure to the Middle Eastern culture, language and music. During my early years of belly dancing, I had a lot of exposure to Arabic pop music, and it continuous to be one of my strengths that I continue to enjoy. Having much exposure to Middle Eastern music, I wanted to learn more about the folk styles of the Middle East. In learning so, I discovered I was missing being able to dance to the art of the taxim, the veil and floor work, as well as playing zills. Although the Arabic pop dancing was good enough, I always felt it was a privilege to be able to dance with zills and a veil. I felt something was missing and wanted to re-ground my roots in Arabic dance. I picked up the phone, called Cory’s studio and to my honor, I have since then been able to learn directly from the master herself. . .